Course Description

Considered as the earliest computer, ‘abacus’ was invented 5000 years ago in ancient Babylon. Calculation can be made in great speed. For example, at the All Japan Soroban Championship, Champion Takeo Sasano was able to add fifteen 3-digit numbers in just 1.7 seconds.

What will you learn

  • Moving the abacus beads stimulates the right brain, the seat of creativity.
  • Mental Maths deals with numbers (left brain function) thus ensuring ‘whole brain’ development.
  • The program enhances memory, concentration, focus, grasping power and visualizing skills.
  • The skills of speed & accuracy remain embedded for a life-time.
  • Beginners Level - 1

    Vastly improve your Reflex & Reactions.

    • Hone your Listening Skills
    • Children take Less time to Learn anything

    12 Weeks Program

  • Level - 2

    Boost your Child’s Brain using Powerful logic.

    • Develop Visualising & Imaging Skills
    • Sharpen your Observation Power

    14 Weeks Program

  • Level – 3

    Banish the Fear of Numbers Forever.

    • Become Accurate
    • Rapid Speed Achieved

    14 Weeks Program

  • Level – 4

    Witness accelerated Thinking Power in your Child.

    • Build Focus
    • Build Photographic Memory

    14 Weeks Program

  • Level – 5

    Develop Amazing Concentration.

    • 100% Focus ; 0% Distraction
    • Build Discipline to Practice; making it a part of life

    12 Weeks Program

  • Level – 6

    Visible Jump in Creativity.

    • Right Brain Fully Activated now
    • Mental Arithmetic Skill is Mastered

    16 Weeks Program

  • Level – 7

    Latent Mental Power – Triggered.

    • Build Self Confidence
    • Ability to tackle Challenges

    16 Weeks Program

  • Graduate Level – 8

    Totally activate Child’s Whole Brain.

    • Become Visibly Smart
    • Solid Retention Ability

    18 Weeks Program

  • Grand Master Level – I

    Notice a definite Superior IQ.

    • Develop High Grasping Ability
    • Build Intuitive Problem-solving ability

    18 Weeks Program

  • Grand Master Level – II

    Develop a Winner’s Edge to face any Competition in Life.

    • Build Judgment & Maturity
    • Improve Solid Endurance for the Long Haul

    16 Weeks Program

  • For whom is this course
    Min Start Age - 5 yrs
    Max Age - 13 yrs
  • Course Duration
    Graduation Level : 8th Level
    Grand Master Level : I & II after Graduation
  • Course Material
    Course material will be couriered to your address. Delivery Free for Pune; other locations will be charged at actuals.
  • Course Fee
    Fee Pay
  • Sample this
    Your child remains focused on his/her studies , even if the TV is 'on' in the house or others are chatting!


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