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“Maths is not a difficult subject; it just needs to be taught in an interesting way”


There are 4 types of ‘learning’ styles. Visual (V) ; Audio (A) ; Read & Write (R) and Kinesthetic (K). in short VARK. Typical schools/tuitions focus on the VAR which makes education boring! Our Math Commando classes lays a good emphasis on the ‘K’ , making it practical, hands-on and interesting.

What will you learn

  • Maths is considered a boring subject. Your child will find our Math Commando Classes interesting. That’s our promise.
  • Maths has lots of complicated jargons. Maths Commando simplifies jargons for easy understanding and sharpens your child’s problem-solving skills.
  • Maths teachers are strict! Our instructors are supportive.
  • Maths is ‘theory-focused’. Our Math Commando students will understand the real-life connect as well.
  • For whom is this course
    Std 1 to Std 8.
  • Course Duration Sessions Conducted Student Grade-wiseModule 1 (4 months)Module 2 (4 months)
    Option available to book chunk of 5 concept clearing sessions of 1 hr each (topics chosen by the student)
  • Course Fee
    ₹4900/- (Module 1) ₹4900/- (Module 2)₹ 1950/- (for chunk of 5 concept clearing sessions)
    Fee Pay
  • Sample this
    Can you find which of these Pizzas offer higher value for money?
    Small Pizza (7' dia) at Rs 100/- or the Large Pizza (12' dia) at Rs 250/-
    Using the Area formula (πr²), we see that the Small Pizza has an area of 38.5 sq.inch, while the larger pizza has an area of 113 sq.inch (almost 3 times). The large pizza mathematically should be priced at Rs 290/- , while it is sold here at Rs 250/- , thus offers higher value for money.


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