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Our Story

Every individual has the potential to create change, whether in their life, their communities or the world. The transformative power of education is what unlocks that potential. Yet, high-quality education has been the privilege of a few. Starting way back in 2002, SPARK operated from a dozen odd locations. When the Pandemic hit us all, in March 2020, SPARK took-up this seismic shift in learning from ‘for some’ to ‘for all’. By opening the classroom through online learning, SPARK leads today empowering hundreds of learners across the nation to unlock their potential and become change-makers.

Why was SPARK Founded

Every child is born with a twinkle in his/her eye. Ask any Mother!
Somewhere along in life, this ‘SPARK’ gets buried deep inside and sadly in many cases never resurfaces. Nurturing Inner talent and enhancing skill levels has been SPARK Academy’s culture & credo since 2002.

SPARK Insignia

The Shield signifies Victory; through knowledge and skill development;
The Ever-Green Ivy leaves, keep this alive for a life-time.
Your guaranteed Success is the Crown Star; well secured on the top.

SPARK Mission

S.P.A.R.K is an acronym that stands for Sherley Paul’s Academy for Radiant Kids. What’s in a name? Well, in our case it’s a belief system. Founder Sherley Paul deeply believes ‘Every child who steps into this academy must glow with enhanced life-skills’.
We bring into being Radiant Kids.

Growth Story

SPARK Academy that started from a spare room at Sherley’s home with just 11 students, is today Pune’s largest Abacus Academy, training over a 1000 students every academic year. This award winning academy has now expanded its offerings by including Vedic Maths, Math-Labs, Financial Education and Spoken English & Etiquettes to women.


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