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Shrey Jha
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Prisha Soni
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Aaliya Shaikh

What Students Say?

  • Abacus has helped me to increase my brain power. It has not only helped me in Maths, but it has also helped me to concentrate in other subjects. I can visualize things without any difficulty. It has increase my speed and has transformed me into a person with a very strong memory. Sherley ma’am always encouraged me not to give up. She told me to always work hard and never lose hope. She told us to Dream High!! I would like to thank her for instilling this confidence in me.

    Viddhi Sanghvi /

  • When I started my SPARK Abacus classes, I was not so interested in it and my mother would always push me, but then when I started doing abacus regularly it created interest in me. Now I use it in my day to day life. It is not all about mathematics, it has helped me to retain things in mind. Thereby, helping me in my academics. I would like to recommend SPARK to everyone.

    Tanush Yadav /

  • Hello, I am Shubh. I am very happy with Abacus. I have become faster and accurate in Maths. My grasping power has developed not only in Maths but also in other subjects too. By completing Grand Level, I have learnt Vedic Maths too at SPARK. It is simpler than Abacus and it has square roots and cube roots too. So I would recommend each and every child to do SPARK Abacus and do Grand Level too.

    Shubh Vora /

  • ABACUS has benefited me in many ways. It has improved my grasping power. I can do calculations very fast. My writing speed has improved. Math is a very easy subject for me now. I am more confident now. I love the teachers here at SPARK. My memory has been increased many fold, thanks to Sherley ma’am & SPARK Academy.

    Aashmit Judge /

  • Abacus has been a part of my life for about 4 years now. SPARK has become almost like a family to me. My overall development throughout the course be it my concentration, patience, creativity, imagination or memory power has been humongous. It has helped a lot in my academics. Farida ma’am and Sherley ma’am have helped me throughout this time and have made me love oral sums (I used to detest them). So I thank them for being with me in my ups and downs & my parents for introducing me to Abacus.

    Pooja Vegesna /

  • After doing Abacus I increased my speed of writing and learning big questions and answers. My brain became more developed. In school I come first in every subject because of Abacus. Sherley ma’am helped me a lot. If I don’t understand something, she teaches it to me again and again. Because of Abacus I have got many prizes. Abacus has taught me a lot and I will never forget it. Thank you SPARK.

    Poorwa S Jambhulkar /

  • Abacus has helped me a lot. It has helped me in all my studies like Maths, History, Computer etc. In Maths it has helped me solve the problems easily and accurately. I asked my parents to make my sister also join SPARK Abacus, and now she is in Level-4. I have also participated for an UCMAS International Competition for Level-5.

    Shaad Tamboli /


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