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Ancient India’s Powerful Technique; Vedic Speed Mathematics is a collection of Simple one-liner-formulas to solve mathematical problems in an easy and fast way. Removes fear, solving mathematics without tears. It has the right mix of fun, flexibility, memory techniques, formula application, making your child a super performer. Those who learn it just love it much more than conventional system of Math.

What will you learn

  • You will be able to solve Mathematical problems in a matter of seconds.
  • You will find improvement in your concentration power, sharpness, creativity, mental ability and your self confidence will go up.
  • You will become Conceptually strong.
  • You will find easy logic that will make you a math-magician.
  • Your school Maths scores will improve.
  • For whom is this course
    Students (Std V to Std XII).
  • Course Duration
    12 sessions (Basic)12 sessions (Advance)
  • Course Fee
    ₹ 3300/- (Basic)
    ₹ 3300/- (Advance)
    Fee Pay
  • Sample this
    How do you add 5 consecutive numbers ?
    It can be done by multiplying the highest number by 5 and then subtract 10 , you now get the result.

    Eg: 66 + 67 + 68 + 69 + 70 = ?
    Step 1: 70 x 5 = 350
    Step 2: 350 - 10 = 340 (This is the Result)


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