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Teaching kids Good Money Habits

Course Description

It’s a common myth that ‘money’ can be learnt naturally using common-sense. Unfortunately that’s not true. ‘Money’ is a man-made tool. If one doesn’t learn its functionality properly, it often leads to financial stress. Fast track your child to learn the power of ‘financial discipline’ early, for a secure & stress-free life ahead.

What will you learn

  • You will develop a healthy balance between saving and spending, most people struggle with it, all their life.
  • You will be a natural decision maker, considering consequences of action.
  • You will learn to effectively handle peer pressure and stand-up for oneself.
  • You will move away from a typical scarcity mentality.
  • Grooming tools to tackle this hyper-competitive world of uncertainties.
  • This program gives our children a head-start in life.
  • For whom is this course
    Age 10 - 24 years.
  • Course Duration
    15 sessions; fully online. Study Material will be provided.
  • Course Fee
    ₹ 3990/-
    Student kit including workbook will be couriered to your address.
    Delivery Free for Pune; other locations will be charged at actuals.
    Fee Pay
  • Sample this
    Learn the power of saving early. Compound Interest is the 8th Wonder of the World.
    Our friend AYO saves Rs 10,000/- p.a from age of 15 to 60. His total savings amount to 10k x 45 years = 4.5 Lakhs. His brother KAYO starts later but saves twice the yearly amount. Kayo starts at age 30 saving 20,000/- till age 60. His total savings amount to 20k x 30 years = 6 Lakhs. Considering a standard 10% Compound Interest offered by the bank, can you estimate, what will be final accrual of Ayo and Kayo.
    Kayo has saved 6 lakhs that becomes 36 Lakhs as his accrual. Ayo saves 4.5 lakhs that becomes 79 Lakhs as his accrual. (more than double of Kayo!) That’s the Power of Starting to Save Early.


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